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Hello beautiful Wild Ones! My name is Melanie. I'm the photographer and designer of Hope Growing Wild.


 Hope Growing Wild has been birthed from a strong desire to help women like me find hope and worthiness. My photographs remind me I am capable of doing hard things despite how much I have been poisoned by my past or how much I have been walked on. I want that for you too

I have uniquely placed my photographs on handcrafted, lightweight bracelets to bring the strength and resilience of nature to your attire. Many of my photographs have been taken in my heavily wooded yard located in Central Florida.  

In my tropical wilderness, I am able to find comfort and hope in little things, mainly weeds and wild plants.  Little plants that have never been coddled or cared for yet they exude a strength that the usual well tended, fancy rose could never embody.  These resilient ones have been bent, poisoned, trampled and yet they still grow.  They overcome harsh conditions by adapting to their circumstances and so can we!

These images of nature remind me that I can survive despite everything life handed to me as a child.  

I have used photography of these natural survivors to help me heal from childhood abuse and  love watching my journey be an example for others to assist them on their own paths to healing.