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Victor By Design

What if I told you there is a plant that survives in the wild but can also survive toxic soil and ALSO heal that space where it grows? 

 That's a bad ass plant, right? What is it? A sunflower! 

Do sunflowers grow in the wild? Yes! Yes, they do! Wild sunflowers have 64 subspecies that grow wild in the United States. They like to grow in extreme environments in extremely hot summers and cold winters with very little water. They are TOUGH. 

In 1986 sunflowers rescued a radioactive wasteland we call Chernobyl. WHAT?? !! Yes, sunflowers are able to clean up soil polluted with metals such as nickle, zinc, lead and cadmium.  Imagine that! They were used to clean up Hiroshima and Fukishima! 

We are sunflowers!! Wild ones!   We live in a toxic world that is full of hate and abuse.   Some of us are born into toxic families and are still struggling to navigate the boundaries and keep peace.  Some of us are unknowingly battling toxicity in our relationships and are handling it with strength and self care. And right now with this crazy Coronavirus putting everyone at odds... it's a hard world we live in. We may not realize it, but we have purpose in the midst of this struggle. We don't have to stay victim and allow it to poison our minds, bodies and souls. We overcome. We are tough!

We are victorious by enriching and healing our surroundings.  Oh, the strength that takes! The sunflower absorbs toxic garbage in the soil in the same way we absorb hateful words and nasty glares.  It doesn't give up and die and neither do we!  Look at us! We are still here living and breathing, and using our lives to help other people!  We are victors by design! Created for a purpose.  The wild sunflower reminds us that we were made strong so we can do good in this world. 

Where flowers bloom, so does  hope.