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Achieving Golden Goals

Kinstsukuroi is a Japanese term that means to repair with gold. 

The art of repairing with gold and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.  

The Japanese are brilliant! How many of us have repaired something and basically restored it back to it's original self? And we are so proud! Have you ever darned a sock that had a hole? Not so pretty but it functions again.  How about when the handle of a coffee cup breaks off and we glue it back perfectly as to never tell it was ever broken? It looks good as new!  The break is hidden. What about duct tape? Have you ever used that to repair something broken? 

I thought about Kinstsukuroi for a bit and was thinking about how wonderful it would be to repair something, but make it better.  To not return it to the original state.  What about me? There is something mighty and powerful about taking a meaningful self portrait of yourself.  When I first saw a bowl with gold lines on it where it had been repaired, I knew I wanted my breaks to be golden.  That would be my goal. I will be better and stronger than ever before. My past will not keep me mediocre! 

It's important to embrace every flaw. There is history in all your broken places.  You are more beautiful for having been broken.  You are not trash to be thrown away. You are to pick yourself up and dust yourself off....and get that GOLD into those cracks.  Stand up and see how beautiful you are!