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Think On What Is Lovely

When I focus on beautiful parts of my life, it doesn't seem so crazy. This shot was taken in a chaotic mess that's show in the upper left hand corner. This is why I shoot. It brings me clarity and foucus. Peace. Philippians 4:8 Think on what is lovely. What are you focusing on today?

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Small But Mighty

I was so fascinated how this big vine was anchored to this post with its little roots.  Are those really roots?  Probably not.  But, somehow this vine finds its way closer towards the light it needs to keep alive.  Even with its tiny little roots (feet) it holds on and keeps growing until it finds another spot even closer to the light.  And then it grabs on with new (feet).  If it wasn't able to do that, it would stay the same size and wouldn't be what it was created to be.  A beautiful vine. I love nature.  There is so much to learn from it.

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Achieving Golden Goals

Kinstsukuroi is a Japanese term that means to repair with gold. The art of repairing with gold and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.  The Japanese are brilliant! How many of us have repaired something and basically restored it back to it's original self? And we are so proud! Have you ever darned a sock that had a hole? Not so pretty but it functions again.  How about when the handle of a coffee cup breaks off and we glue it back perfectly as to never tell it was ever broken? It looks good as new!  The break is hidden. What about duct tape? Have you ever used that to repair something broken? I thought about Kinstsukuroi for...

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Victor By Design

What if I told you there is a plant that survives in the wild but can also survive toxic soil and ALSO heal that space where it grows?  That's a bad ass plant, right? What is it? A sunflower! Do sunflowers grow in the wild? Yes! Yes, they do! Wild sunflowers have 64 subspecies that grow wild in the United States. They like to grow in extreme environments in extremely hot summers and cold winters with very little water. They are TOUGH. In 1986 sunflowers rescued a radioactive wasteland we call Chernobyl. WHAT?? !! Yes, sunflowers are able to clean up soil polluted with metals such as nickle, zinc, lead and cadmium.  Imagine that! They were used to clean up Hiroshima and Fukishima! We are sunflowers!! Wild ones!   We live...

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My Escape Into Photos

Down deep, I never thought I was anyone special. My primary caregiver, my Mom, lived in her world and was often seeking escape from her life in a romance or mystery novel with a box of chocolates. As a child, this left me longing for connection but instead, I got pushed away.  And when I would try to get closer to her by climbing into her lap, I was told no, because I would cause varicose veins. This always hurt my feelings and left me feeling even more unworthy and alone, while it also only strengthened my resolve to never need anyone. But, the longing for connection is something so strong that it doesn't turn off at the flip of...

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